2024 Fees

Club Membership

Club Membership covers insurance and without insurance, training is not permitted. This fee also contributes to demonstration/performances fees, CASA Team Competition fees, administration costs, music copyright fees, lighting and DLP etc. Club Membership is valid for up to 12 months and is not prorated, non-refundable and non-transferable. 

All Members: $52.30

CASA Membership

CASA membership covers Insurance, rules, policies and support, general administration of sport, sport development, training of volunteers, club support, governance and guidance, marketing and communications and membership support, Australian Calisthenics Federation Affiliation. CASA Membership is valid for up to 12 months and is not prorated, non-refundable and non-transferable.

Recreational Members: $53.30
Demonstration/Competitive Members: $85.40

Sports Voucher

Children aged 5 to 15 years old (Reception to Year 9) may be eligible for a Sports Voucher. If your child is eligible you can use a Sports Voucher to help pay for your tuition fees. You can complete and download your Sports Voucher HERE.  Please email your completed Sports Voucher to sportsvoucher@acacia.dance and $100 discount code will be sent to you to use on your tuition invoice.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are invoiced at the beginning of each Term and are due with in 7 days unless you have made alternative arrangements. 

Tuition includes extra holiday classes, stage rehearsals and performances. Refunds or discounts are not given for shorter terms, missed classes or classes cancelled. If a class is cancelled by Acacia a makeup class will be arranged wherever possible. Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Classes in Terms 1 to 3 are longer and therefore the bulk of tuition fees are spread over these terms. For all teams, except Seniors, Term 4 classes are only 45 minutes long and are charged at a lower rate. Senior tuition fees' are divided evenly over Terms 1 to 3. Seniors will not be invoiced for tuition fees in Term 4.

Students who are offered a place in our Competitive Tinies Team or Sub-junior Team 1 must pay Term 1 fees in full, online at time of accepting the offer.

All prices exclusive of credit card processing fees if not paid via bank deposit. GST Is not charged.

Team Term 1 - 3 (per term) Term 4
Future Stars $115.10 $115.10
Non-Competitive Tinies $136.00 $115.10
Competitive Tinies $156.90 $115.10
Sub-juniors $209.20 $115.10
Juniors $219.70 $115.10
Intermediates $235.40 $115.10
Seniors $277.20 N/A
Seniors (per item) $49.20 (minimum 4 items required) N/A
STAR Classes FREE to competitive members N/A




Families with 3 or more Acacia members get FREE Tuition for the youngest child. Discount applies to tuition fees only.

Pay in Full

A discount of 10% applies to members who pay full years' fees by 28 February. Full years' fees includes membership, tuition, costume hire and performance levy. Discount applies to tuition fees only. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with Family Discount. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please email accounts@acacia.dance

Working Up

Top aged students are encouraged to work-up in the team above for further extension (e.g. 10 year old sub-juniors are encouranged to work-up in Junior team). Students can work up until competitions are complete. Students participating in two competitive teams will not be charged tuition fees for the younger age group.


Term 1 to 3, STAR classes are free to all competitive members (Tinies to Intermediates). Members are permitted to attend ONE free class per week. Class entry is based on prerequisites listed in class info and is not negotiable. To be eligible to attend free STAR classes student fees must be kept up to date. Late payment will result in immediate removal from STAR class.

Costume Hire

Costume hire fees are invoiced 1 June and must be paid in full by 1 August.

Acacia team members do not purchase costumes. All team costumes are hired, and the hire fees are listed below.

Costume hire does not cover practise black leotard, practise aesthetic skirt or purchase of accessories (wigs, tights, shoes, etc), or miscellaneous items purchased by you such as thread or glue if small repairs or decorating is required.


All students are required to have a bodyboard in their size to assist parents in decorating costumes. Costume hire does not include bodyboard hire. Bodyboards can be purchased or hired from the club and are listed in our shop.

Working Up

Students participating in two competitive teams will be charged costume hire for both teams.

Costume Type Per Costume
Future Stars ONLY $25
Core Items: March, Exercises, Clubs or Rods $35
Fancy Items: Character Folk, Song & Dance, Calisthenics Revue or Dance Arrangement $50
Other Items: Aesthetic, Rhythmical Aesthetic or Rhythmical Interpretation $65


Performance Levy

Performance levy is invoiced 1 June and must be paid in full by 1 August.

Performance Levy contributes to club expenses for hairspray, hairpins, hairnets, make-up, eyelashes and tanning (if required). All hair and makeup for external performances is done by the team coach.

Performance levy does not include lipstick for performances. For hygiene reasons, members must provide their own lipstick. Lipstick required is Rimmel Provocalips, colour “Kiss Me You Fool” (bright red). Performance Levy for Future Stars and Tinies includes wig hire.

Working Up

Students participating in two competitive teams will be charged performance levy for both teams.

Class Performance Levy Class Performance Levy
Tinies $10 Juniors & Intermediates $40
Sub-juniors $35 Seniors $45


Skills Levy (Exam Students ONLY)

Skills levy is invoiced in October to students who register with CASA to complete their Skill examination. 

Skills Levy contributes to extra skill exam classes in Term 4 and up to 2 exam preparation classes (extra weekend classes in November) with our Skill Coordinator.

Skills classes are strongly encouraged for development of good technique but are not compulsory.

Fee below does not include CASA exam registration fee. Exam fee is paid directly to CASA at time of registering. More information on exam fees can be found on CASA's website.

Class Skills Levy Class Skills Levy
Test 1 to 2 (30 min) $73.20 Grade 1 (60 min) $146.40
Test  3 (45 min) $109.50 Grade 2 (75 min) $183.00
Grade 3 to Grade 4 (90 min) $219.70    


Payment of Fees

Fees can be paid using the following methods:

  1. Credit/Debit Card
  2. PayPal
  3. Bank Transfer

Cash is not accepted.

Payment Plans

If you would like to pay your fees in instalments, please email our Treasurer accounts@acacia.dance to arrange. If paying in instalments current invoices must be paid in full by the end of that term.

Overdue & Unpaid Fees

Overdue fees will attract a late fee.

Students with unpaid fees from a previous Term will not be permitted to train until previous Term's fees are paid in full. 

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