About Us

Acacia Calisthenics Club Adelaide Hills is a not-for-profit Club. We are a family who are very proud of our achievements and we always strive to accomplish consistency and high morale. Our students and coaches compete at both state and national levels and are regularly chosen to represent South Australia in State teams.

The name Acacia was chosen as a representation of where our club is based. Rather than simply using a location based name like Mount Barker Calisthenics Club, the Club’s name represents the greater Adelaide Hills as it named after the Acacia Wattle flower found throughout the region. Just like our name, our club colours are associated with the Australian Wattle. Originally Acacia wore green and gold, both colours taken from the Acacia blooms found throughout the Adelaide Hills. As trend changed however, we found it necessary to update our colours to something a more appealing. Considering the need to keep the relationship with our name, the obvious choice was to replace our green with pink, the colour of the Acacia Leprosa ‘Scarlet Blaze’ flower. Black was also added with the introduction of the balancing silhouette in our logo.

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